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We believe that we, the Asian Pacific Americans, have a mandate to help turn America back to her conservative roots.  Society has labeled us the invisible minority but that is changing, as we will no longer be silent and let special interest groups use us to advance their anti- God, anti-family, anti-life agenda but we will stand for truth, righteousness and justice.

Who we are

Asian Action Network is a grassroots movement of civic, faith, businesses, and non-profit community groups working together to revitalize communities and cities through community development projects, faith-based initiatives, leadership training and development and civic engagement. 


We serve to connect, inspire, cultivate, and empower Asian-Pacific American leaders to make a meaningful difference in the government, education, business, media and society at large.

Uniting our Voices for Reformation


accomplished Asian pacific professionals for mutual success


Asian Pacific American leaders to make meaningful difference in government, education, business, media, and society​

Cultivate and Empower

Asian Pacific American leaders for professional excellence

Engage and Participate

with the community and society at large

How to impact society?

provide representation and opportunities for participation


Develop, inspire, and connect leaders.


Influence society with biblical values.


Excel at life-long learning.


Promote conservative principles to strengthen the family and marriages.


Be active in the political process in electing authentic, honest, compassionate, Godly and qualified leaders to lead our nation.


For honest, fair, balance and truthful information.


To promote and produce good and wholesome entertainment.


Excellence,Integrity, honesty, fairness, respect and prosperity with a purpose.


Honor commitments to deliver value.


Embrace a culture of inclusion and innovation.

The Leadership

Meet the people behind this cause

Herman Martir


Herman has a solid history of developing strong leadership in the Faith, civic and business sectors, his community initiatives bring these leaders together to help revitalize communities. He has coordinated mobilization of gatherings in major cities of America, attended by thousands of people in support of conservative issues that strengthen American exceptionalism.

"To be an American is believing in a founding principle that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. It is an invitation to live the values and principles that celebrate life, liberty, honor, self-reliance and that if you honor God, love your country and work hard, you can achieve your dreams."

The gallery

See what we have been doing